Seven Costly Threats to Your Construction Site

Nov 22, 2022

Theft. Vandalism. Liability.

These are just a few of the reasons why securing your renovation or construction project is imperative. Construction sites are potentially dangerous places with significant investments of time, labor, materials, and equipment at risk. Studies show that the United States construction industry loses $1 billion to jobsite theft each year. If you manage a construction project, be aware of the possible threats to your work site and take precautionary measures.


Most construction sites are left unattended for periods of time. Projects are often interrupted by permit delays, weather, and supply chain shortages. Job sites can become even more hazardous when crews are actively working with heavy machinery and other equipment.

Without clear, visible boundaries, members of the public may access the property without permission, out of curiosity or with criminal intent. Unauthorized access can cause many problems, including:

  • Squatters residing on the property
  • Theft of materials and/or equipment
  • Vandalism of the project, property, or equipment
  • Injury to trespassers, crew, and/or authorized visitors

Theft of Materials

Valuable materials like lumber, beams, tile, and flooring are frequently stolen from active construction sites. Beyond the cost of materials lost, theft can delay projects for weeks or longer while replacements are ordered, shipped, and delivered. Customers grow disgruntled, and you may lose money for every day that you wait. Securing your construction site can help you maintain an efficient schedule and keep project expenses in check.

Theft of Equipment

Tools and supplies can also be stolen from or lost at construction sites. Loss and mismanagement of gear and equipment can be a major, but largely preventable, expense for contractors. Securing the perimeter of the worksite helps keep assets secure.


Unfortunately, vandalism is a common reality for construction sites. It’s discouraging and costly to find graffiti and other signs of destruction on newly built structures. Property damage and site clean-up aren’t just expensive, vandalism can delay projects for weeks to allow for unplanned repairs. A distinct physical boundary is an important deterrent for vandals accessing the property.

Illegal Dumping

Despite laws prohibiting it, unauthorized dumping remains a frequent, expensive hazard at construction sites. Offenders typically dump bulky items late at night on unattended property to avoid the cost and inconvenience of hauling debris to the proper waste disposal facility. Not only is it unsightly and can delay project completion, dumped items can be costly to remove and often involve hazardous materials, such as appliances, car batteries, chemicals, paint, and motor oil, that require special handling.


When managing a construction project, you have an obligation to keep the public out of harm’s way. If a person wanders into your worksite, then falls or otherwise hurts themselves on the property, you could be liable for their injuries. Limit your liability by preventing unauthorized individuals from entering your construction site. Routine use of construction fencing may also lead to lower premiums on liability insurance.

Compliance with Regulations

Many municipalities and regulatory agencies require fencing for construction projects and other hazardous work areas. Be aware of all applicable rules and comply with them. Non-compliance may result in fines, extra fees, possible work stoppage and increased public liability.


Quality temporary fencing provides cost-effective, easy-to-install perimeter security for your construction site. Chain-link panels are adaptable, require no digging, and can be used to effectively safeguard remodeling, new-build construction, or landscaping projects.Construction fence rental is a comparatively minor expenditure that helps prevent the losses risk without it. Temporary fencing can help you maintain your schedule, reduce costs, protect assets, and protect public safety. Be sure to select a reputable fence vendor for your temporary fencing needs. TMPFNC by Crusader Fence Company provides reliable, free-standing, chain-link fence solutions throughout Northern California.