Do I Need Fencing for My Event?

Oct 22, 2022

Whenever you host a public event, you have an obligation to provide a safe environment for your guests. Crowd control is an important consideration with most public gatherings to keep both people and assets safe.

What is Crowd Control?

Large groups of people are associated with greater risk of injury or other hazards. Crowd control plans for safely keeping visitors away from areas or activities that could be dangerous. The goal of crowd control is to make sure everyone gets to where they need to go without causing harm to themselves or others. It can also help with efficiency of lines and foot traffic, privacy concerns, and protecting valuable equipment. Below are some common situations when fencing can help your event run smoothly and provide protection for your guests:

Sporting Events

Fencing can define ticketed seating areas, protect equipment from theft or loss, and limit spectator access to players.


Fencing can define vendor booth areas, restrict paid access areas, and keep visitors a safe distance from equipment, displays, animals, and machinery.


Not only does fencing designate ticketed seating areas, it keeps fans from wandering backstage. Fencing supports a private space for artists before and after performances and prevents unauthorized access to stage equipment, props, instruments, and costuming, and personnel.


Fencing can be used to direct traffic, divide or restrict access to parking areas, secure or limit access to adjacent buildings, and guide guests to appropriate entrances. It can also be used to secure bicycle parking and manage bike valet service areas.


Fencing is useful for directing foot and vehicular traffic, creating pathways and queues, and restricting off-limits areas. Clear event boundaries improve traffic flow and minimize wait times.


From beer gardens to wine tastings, if you plan to serve alcohol at an event in California, make sure you determine and obtain any required Alcoholic Beverage Control permits. Some permits may require restricting alcoholic beverages to designated, fenced-in areas.

Fences define boundaries, set limits, and protect property. If your venue lacks the crowd control features that you need for your gathering, temporary fencing can make sure your event remains fun and games for you and your guests. Quality temporary fencing provides cost-effective, easy-to-install perimeter security. Chain-link panels are adaptable, require no digging, and can be used to effectively safeguard virtually any area. Be sure to select a reputable fence vendor for your temporary fencing needs. TMPFNC by Crusader Fence Company provides reliable, free-standing, chain-link fence solutions throughout Northern California.